Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of medicine in the world. It is the insertion of fine, sterile, single-use, filiform needles into the body to regulate the body and instigate a healing response. When administered, the body will release natural feel good chemicals like dopamine and endorphins to help patients relax and enter into a healing state (parasympathetic nervous response). It helps reduce pain, inflammation, and stress in the body. Acupuncture, when performed by a licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac.) is completely safe and effective.

Herbal Medicine


   Chinese Medicinal Herbs heal much deeper than acupuncture alone. They are safe to take during pregnancy.  We dispense them in capsule, topical, and in tea form. 

   If you have exhausted your options with western medicine and have still not found relief, or if natural healing is your preference, Chinese medicine may be for you.  Our patients feel it is exactly what they've been missing and are leading healthier lives because of it.

   Our herbs are FDA regulated have strict purity and safety testing to protect our patients and ensure their medicinal quality. All of the herbs in our dispensary are only obtained via board licensed acupuncturists.  Click here to read about our herbs quality.

Cupping Therapy


Cupping therapy is an ancient therapy used for millennia by the Egyptians and the Chinese.  

With this method the skin is gently drawn upwards by creating a vacuum in a cup over the target area- usually the back, but can also be on the limbs. The cup stays in place for five to fifteen minutes, or using oil the cups slide across the body surface to release deep tension. It used to help treat pain, decrease anxiety, help decrease the emotions of PTSD and trauma- in other words, its fantastic and feels great. 

Massage Therapy


We offer Massage Therapy as a medical modality, with an emphasis on pain management, structural rebalancing and myofascial release.  This is not a spa massage. It IS real work meant to help our patients find chronic pain relief and to truly discover the source of their pain and how to manage it with exercises, stretches.  This accompanies acupuncture treatment, the herbal medicine and dietary advice given by your Acupuncturist.