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Massage Therapy in Central Phoenix

Pain Management - Deep Tissue Massage

Trigger Point

Myofascial Release

Lymphatic Drainage

Abdominal Massage

Stretching and Exercise Prescriptions

Treatment for:

Chronic Muscle Pain

Scar Tissue Reduction

Abdominal Pain




Back Pain

Leg Pain

Neck Pain

Massage Therapy has been used for thousands of years for musculoskeletal pain and stress relief. BUT massage can also aid edema, digestive issues, abdominal pain, menstrual cramping, migraines, and sleep issues. 

Our talented therapist uses a variety of styles to give you the relief you need. Meredith is trained in myofascial release, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, abdominal massage, pregnancy massage, as well as Lomi Lomi - a technique from the Hawaiian islands. 

$95 60 Minutes

$135 90 Minutes

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