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100% Natural Medicine For Insomnia

Acute Insomnia

Chronic Insomnia 

Insomnia Due to Medications

Onset Insomnia (Can't go to sleep)

Maintenance Insomnia (Can't stay asleep)

Insomnia with Generalized Anxiety

Insomnia with Panic Attacks

Insomnia with Palpitations

Insomnia with Excessive Dreaming​


  At Oasis Women's Clinic our acupuncturist knows how to help those who are coping with Insomnia.  Our clinic has seen these disorders dramatically reduced and often permanently resolved within a short amount of time.


  Insomnia can be the result of many things including high stress levels, unhealthy habits, medications, irregular menses, trauma and environmental factors. Our primary area of focus is on the health of your hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis a major neuroendocrine system, bringing your hormones and your bodies signals back into their fully functioning state.  


  You may be considering a natural healing approach after repeated efforts to manage your Insomnia have left you disappointed and not doing any better. Or you are undergoing Western medical treatment but still need extra help to sleep better.  Regardless of your circumstances, we treat every patient as an individual and with customized treatment for your unique needs.


  Our Specialist is an expert in natural holistic approaches, resolving your bodies inability to send itself healthy signals.  Together we retrain your body to live in a calm, rested, and highly functioning state.  From acupuncture and herbal medicine to nutrition, meditation and lifestyle changes, we work to provide solutions where modern Western medicine fails.  Improved sleep patterns revolves around good overall health and well-being; it is about the body as a whole, not one system on their own. Traditional Western medicine focuses on relieving or treating symptoms, where holistic or natural medicine strives to discover the underlying issue in order to treat it and achieve the patient’s best physical and emotional health.


  While you may or may not be taking psychiatric, hormonal or sleep medications, it is important to know that these hormones and other medications can often interfere with stabilizing your sleep and may cause secondary problems. As mentioned earlier, our Specialist treats the whole body because it is an entire system that is connected; these problems are not always directly related to the neuroendocrine system or its organs, and are often the result of improper nutrition, high stress levels, unhealthy habits and environmental factors.


  Our experienced Specialist understands how frustrating it is to repeatedly attempt to get control over your sleep and it doesn't work.  We also know how expensive western medical treatment can be, and that you may be looking for an alternative treatment that works. We know that, if you are incorporating psychiatric therapy and western drugs into your treatment regimen, that you want to do everything you can to maximize the success rate of these treatments using acupuncture and other modalities of holistic medicine.


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