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Chelsea's testimonial of endometriosis, anxiety, fear of needles, multiple surgeries and several other experiences such as other acupuncturists, western doctors and homeopaths. 

Jeanette's testimonial of endometriosis from a young teen throughout her adult life, the side effects of taking hormonal birth control, digestive disorders, anxiety and ultimately relief.

Leah's Testimonial of Endometriosis, western testing, fertility, miscarriage and pregnancy.


"Endometriosis plagued my life. I had surgery and after just two months the pain returned.  I felt defeated, I was very depressed.  As soon as I met Rebecca I began to feel better, she has such a calming presence. Her chinese herbal prescriptions IMMEDIATELY changed my menstrual cycle.  My blood flow stopped being as heavy and I had no pain- this had NEVER happened before. She was there for me through the ups and downs and I am now pregnant with my first baby.  After trying everything else, this was the best way for me. My moods stabilized, my health became better, and although it did take some patience this was the best decision. I will always be grateful to Rebecca."

                                      Stacy, 31

"Rebecca is amazing! I've struggled with pain management from endo for as long as I can remember and have tried almost everything in the book to get relief. After just a few short months of working with her, she has helped me to get a point where I am almost pain free, which I never thought would be possible! She is dedicated to helping me get my pain and other health challenges under control and I can tell she is very passionate about what she does. I recommend everyone to go see her!"

                                                                                                      Jaymie, 28


"Rebecca has been amazing! I've suffered from endo pain for years, had multiple surgeries and been on many types of medication to get it "manageable". On a last ditch effort, I found Oasis Women's Clinic online and sent in my request. Within 24 hours, I was Zooming with Rebecca for my initial consultation. My first appointment was a couple days later and that was 11 weeks ago. Through Rebecca's diligence and understanding of a woman's body, I was finally pain free after 3 sessions (I was really sick for quite some time prior to seeing her)!! I completely trust her and follow her treatment path each week without hesitation. My body is a very different version of itself then where it was 11 weeks ago. I am forever grateful to Rebecca and recommend her to any woman going through the same issues."

                                                                                                  Danielle, 39

Painful Periods

"I suffered with SEVERE pain every single cycle. I would often throw up and nearly faint from the pain. My gyno would always say the same thing "birth control or a hysterectomy."  Neither of those options worked for me because I wanted to get pregnant.  Every month I had to call into work and would track my periods hoping that I could prepare myself with enough ibuprofen, water, hot baths, vitamins, ANYTHING and ALL OF THE THINGS I could do to hopefully have less pain.  I finally stumbled on acupuncture. I did not believe in it but I was willing to try anything. I met Rebecca during our consultation and she told me she had a lot of success with relieving menstrual pain.  I was very skeptical. On my FIRST cycle working with her my period pain reduced almost by half!!  I was able to be a normal person. By the second cycle I had NO cramping!! I have officially been having pain free periods for 6 months and counting.  I am now following her fertility protocol :)"

                                                                                                           Jenny 32

Fertility Success

"We sincerely appreciated the help that Rebecca provided to us on our IVF journey. We sought out an acupuncturist to assist us with a successful pregnancy after years of heartache and turmoil- as we heard that it had a plethora of benefits overall. While we weren't expecting a miracle, it's exactly what took place. We are now pregnant with our bundle of joy and we couldn't be happier. While we can't guarantee the same outcome for everyone, what we can say is that Rebecca has a special way of connecting with you, practicing her wisdom and knowledge through her experience and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with her. She's professional, calming, and knows her stuff! We'd highly recommend her to anyone going through IVF/pregnancy!!"                              Erica, 35

"Infertility became an exhausting and emotionally draining time for me. I had been through all the tests that the doctor had recommended and the results came back just fine, this was a relief but also made me more anxious because I couldn’t figure out what to do next. I had researched a lot about natural ways to boost fertility and one of the options that I had read into was acupuncture. 

   My husband and I had decided that it would be of benefit for me to try it and see if it could potentially help. After looking around I had finally found Rebecca. I was so happy to have found someone who specialized in women’s issues and provided Chinese medicine during treatment. 

   After the first time I met with her I felt at ease with her knowledge and genuinely caring personality.  After one month of working with her, I had conceived!   Rebecca was so helpful and provided me support when I needed it the most. She even provided me with side my side support and advice whenever I needed it.  I highly recommend Rebecca and her practice! "


-Sara, 24 


"I had been tracking my temperature for a year. My charts were well kempt and Rebecca didn't see a single flaw. She suggested I stop tracking during our time working together. I was really nervous about that! But since I had tracked for so long all of the info was there.  I followed all of the dietary advice she gave me, it was just a few tweaks eliminating any inflammatory foods.  I took dietary supplements and chinese herbs.  After 3 cycles I followed up with some blood tests and my FSH and AMH looked perfect!  I continued treatment at Oasis and after I think 5 cycles we conceived. I had been trying for 5 years with 3 failed IVF's.."

                                                                                                   Martha 38

"I had a lot of trouble losing weight. I was insulin resistant. I had 3 failed IVF's and was afraid that I wouldn't be able to get pregnant, ever.  I was so depressed. I was willing to try anything and gave acupuncture a chance. Rebecca gave me a simple diet plan to follow, nothing overwhelming!  She also prescribed me a couple of supplements. I lost 15 lbs in 2 months.  On my next IVF I got pregnant!"

                                                                                                     Teresa 38

Infertility and PCOS

"In November of 2017 I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). The doctor told us that it wouldn't be impossible for us to get pregnant but that it would be very difficult on our own and that we would need help. My husband and I decided to go ahead and see a fertility specialist to explore our options. After a year and half of trying to conceive on our own and with the help of a specialist we were still unsuccessful. My husband and I didn't want to do IVF which at this point would be our next step. I had heard about acupuncture from a friend and it was also offered as an alternative/additional treatment at the Fertility Clinic. I wasn't sure if it would work for us. After doing some research and seeing how acupuncture helped my friend get pregnant, I decided to give it a try. I was searching for an acupuncturist in my area and I found Rebecca. I didn't know much about acupuncture but I was optimistic and willing to try anything. My husband and I started seeing Rebecca in January 2019. We started with one treatment a week and to my surprise after the first two treatments I started my menstrual cycle. I had not had a cycle without the help of medication for over 10 years. So we continued to see Rebecca once a week for the next couple of months and on April 24 2019 I found out I was pregnant. I am currently nine weeks pregnant and could not be happier. I am so thankful for Rebecca, she has definitely changed my life. If I had known about acupuncture before, I would have gone to Rebecca from the start. Not only did Rebecca help our family grow but she has also made me a healthier person. I am very grateful for her help." 

                                                                                                             Lauren 32


"Several months ago, I came to Rebecca feeling just off-center. I was not ill necessarily, but I was definitely not myself. I was literally speeding into peri-menopause; my stomach was gaining too quickly, I was experiencing hot-flashes, I was not sleeping well, I was not digesting well, my period was off. After I saw Rebecca a few times for acupuncture, and after I established her suggested vitamin/mineral/herbal regime, I began to feel increasingly stronger. Now, I feel almost 100% back to normal. My period seems back to normal, my hot-flashes are rare, I’m not so tired because I’m sleeping better and my digestion seems very normal. Also, my moods are much more even. Through her treatments, and conversations with her about my issues, Rebecca taught me so much about my body and its wellness. She is a great listener and seems to really care about how to get and keep me well. She worked with me on many levels that enabled me to continue treatments and thrive under them. She really helped to bring me back to “center” physiologically and mentally. I would absolutely not be feeling this well without her treatments and will go back as much as I need in order to keep me feeling this way."

                                                                                                 Kate, 41

Anemia and Libido

"During my initial consultation with Rebecca, I had several health issues I was seeking help with. I had tried various other "natural" approaches, and while some resulted in slight improvement, I really wanted to see real results. I admit, I was a little bit skeptical about acupuncture, but Rebecca's professional and thorough consultation helped set me at ease. And I have to say, I am absolutely amazed at the HUGE improvements I saw after just ONE visit!! The biggest benefits I saw were for female specific issues. My period had been coming every 3 weeks for 2 years, and had resulted in anemia. I was feeling more and more lethargic as the years went by, and my sex drive was way down. After ONE treatment, and 2 weeks on a Chinese herb formula, my period regulated, my energy increased greatly, and my libido came roaring back to life!! I feel like I am ten years younger. I am now a firm believer in acupuncture, and a very happy patient at Oasis." 

                                                                                            Natalie, 42


"I had profuse gushing periods....thanks to being perimenopausal. After seeing Rebecca for 2 months, herbs have helped immensely with my gynecological disorder. Rebecca is sweet, kind, and funny. Her staff, the "Jills", are awesome and helpful. I wish I had done this earlier, my life would have been less stressful."


                                                                                            Patricia, 42

 "I was in the lowest period of my life... I was bleeding everyday for over 5 years.  The bleeding would waver between heavy to spotting.  My marriage fell apart, as my self esteem crumbled, I didn't feel attractive.  I went to several doctors and nothing they prescribed helped.  I was unsure as to when my actual period was.. it was a disaster.  I found Oasis online and with my last shred of hope I spoke with Rebecca.  She assured me that she could help me.  After one treatment I stopped bleeding for a couple of days. After two treatments I stopped bleeding for two weeks. After 5 treatments I stopped bleeding everyday!  I am a believer in acupuncture!  I do see her for check ups monthly, but other than that I can say that I feel like a "normal" woman for the first time in 5 years.  I highly recommend Oasis and Rebecca.  I know that sometimes things seem hopeless and that these treatments take a couple, if not a few, months- But I have my life back on track and that's worth everything. "


                                                   Zulema, 29

Panic Attacks and Irregular Cycles/PMDD

I was having extreme PMS symptoms and irregular cycles for years, and numerous doctors were not able to really help with either problem. I was told to start taking birth control again to manage the symptoms, but that was the last thing I wanted to do. Luckily I saw an ad online for Rebecca and even though I was a tad skeptical, I decided to go in for a consultation. I am very glad I did! With only a few sessions, my periods became more regular and lighter. I also stopped having insomnia while PMSing, which was HUGE for me. The most amazing outcome, though, was going from multiple panic attacks a day to 0-1 during my enter PMS time! I felt so discouraged and hopeless that I would never be able to get over these symptoms without medication, but I was wrong. Rebecca used a combination of acupuncture, diet and Chinese herbal medicine to help me achieve these awesome results. 

Rebecca is knowledgeable, caring, easy to talk to,  and she really wants the best for her patients. I looked forward to going to my weekly sessions and felt comfortable every time, and I definitely recommend seeing her.

- Brittany, 29

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