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Natural Medicine | Acupunture |Herbal Remedies

Traditional Chinese Medicine Prescriptions
with Dr. Rebecca Burrous, LAc, Dipl. OM


We Offer Virtual Sessions For

  • Initial Consultations + Intake and Follow Up Treatments are available for all who are seeking herbal medicine to comply with existing treatment plans or if you can't come to the clinic in person. 

  • Our Medicinal Herbs and Supplements that treat gynecological disorders, infertility, endometriosis, poor immunity, anxiety, digestive problems and symptoms of cold or flu and more.

  • Counseling and Guidance for lifestyle, cognitive and emotional support. 

Natural Medicine


  • Our approach consists of the five branches of Chinese Medicine. Treating the spirit first.

  • When the spirit is happy the body will thrive and cease to have pathologies.

  • We use an expert combination of mind training, subtle dietary shifts, qi gong, acupressure & acupuncture, chinese herbs and dietary supplements.


Counseling and Guidance

  • We all need to be heard, and being witnessed is a potent pathway to healing. We support you in becoming your best self and attaining your health goals with gentle yet powerful guidance. 

  • Our guidance includes mindset tools, meditations, dietary changes, and daily habits.

Herbal Prescriptions and Supplements

Via our online platform we ship these to you. 

  • What are Chinese Herbs?  The use of Chinese herbs is a practice passed down through thousands of years of experience.  They are composed of medicinal plants and minerals that heal the body from the inside out.  Our herbs are of the purest quality and potency only available to Licensed Acupuncturists.  We dispense them in capsule or tea form.

  • What is the difference between an herb and a supplement? Chinese herbs are used temporarily to restore depleted organs and glands redirecting pathologies back to center, healing them for the long term. Where nutritional supplements are additions to one's diet that can be taken long term to help maintain vigor, immunity and mental clarity. 

  • Our Supplements are organic and grown in the USA via Standard Process.

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