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Acupuncture for Fertility Problems

By creating the healthiest version of you, we prepare the most fertile soil for the best outcomes in creating a healthy baby. By harmonizing the delicate balance of your hormonal system and monthly cycle we are able to tap into your body’s innate intelligence through acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutritional therapy specific to you. Through detailed Chinese medicine diagnosis and understanding the subtle patterns in your body coupled with your body’s own story, Western diagnosis, lab results and past hormonal or fertility history - we are able to come up with a treatment plan and fertility care designed specifically for you.

Our Treatment Programs Includes :

  • We treat and find the root of what might be the disharmony through a detailed intake and create a customized treatment plan focused on all of your physical and emotional symptoms

  • Regular acupuncture treatments specific to you and your diagnosis to support and encourage balance during each phase of your cycle as well as customized herbal formulas that are fine tuned to enhance your fertility and hormonal health.

  • Nutritional therapy to help boost and nourish the body and it’s fertility potential, as well as heal any gut related issues and strengthen the system overall

  • Empowerment, Mind-Body techniques and help with tapping into positive meditations and lifestyle guidance to help increase the mind, body and spirit in support to becoming a mother and creating a healthy baby.

How Much Time Will It Take ? How Will It Work?

"Nourishing The Soil Makes The Flowers Grow"

As with any medicine or even when doing IVF, there is no way for any healthcare provider, natural or conventional, to predict when or if you will become pregnant. However, we typically see positive pregnancy outcomes within 3 to 9 months of treatment. What we also see is if you eventually decide to try IUI or IVF, your body will be at its utmost potential, having higher quality eggs, uterine lining, balanced hormones and overall health due the to time put into treatment, that assisted reproductive technology outcomes will only be greater.

Chinese Medicine Has Been Treating Infertility for Over 2000 Years

Infertility treatment in Chinese medicine and gynecology dates back to 11 AD, which is over 2000 years ago. Some of the herbal formulas that are used today for fertility, hormonal balancing and gynecological issues are the same ones that were designed over 2000 years ago. What is so incredible about this is the time tested greatness of a medicine that has treated tens of millions of women through thousands of years of treatment. The treatment you will be receiving is practiced because it has successfully been used for women to have healthy babies for millennia and this is something that is a very powerful connection when beginning with our program.


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